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Zion Enamel Mug
  • Zion Enamel Mug

    Embrace the dawn of adventure with our Zion National Park Enamel Mug. As sturdy and enduring as the towering cliffs of Zion, this enamel mug is the perfect companion for your outdoor escapades. Whether you're enjoying a sunrise coffee on the Watchman Trail or a warming sunset tea overlooking the Virgin River, this mug is as much a part of your journey as the trail beneath your feet.


    Material: Crafted with a resilient metal base, coated in a smooth enamel layer, and finished with a high-quality sublimation coating, it's designed to hold up against the heat of your campfire and the chill of the mountain air. The classic white finish with a silver rim harkens back to the age of intrepid explorers and campsite camaraderie.

    Dimensions: Measuring 3.14″ (8 cm) in height and 3.25″ (8.5 cm) in diameter, it’s the ideal size for a generous pour of your favorite beverage or a nourishing serving of campfire stew.

    Design: The mug is adorned with imagery that reflects the majestic beauty of Zion — from the red-rock canyons to the emerald pools, every detail invites you to connect with the wilderness.

    Practicality: Lightweight and versatile, it's built to travel with you. Clip it onto your pack for easy access as you navigate the Narrows or find solitude atop Angels Landing.

    Care: This enamel mug is crafted for the rigors of the outdoors, but to keep its design as timeless as Zion's enduring landscapes, hand-washing is recommended. It is not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use.


    Our Zion National Park Enamel Mug is more than a drinkware item; it's a badge of the explorer's spirit, a durable piece of memorabilia from the heart of Utah's natural splendor.

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