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Grand Canyon Enamel Mug
  • Grand Canyon Enamel Mug

    Gaze into the vastness of one of the world's most magnificent wonders while sipping from our Grand Canyon Enamel Mug. This durable, lightweight mug is designed for those who draw inspiration from the great outdoors, perfectly capturing the essence of the grand vistas that make the Grand Canyon a national treasure.


    Material: Constructed from a tough metal base, layered with lustrous enamel and a superior sublimation coating, this mug is crafted to endure the rugged outdoors just like the timeless canyon it celebrates. The pristine white surface is trimmed with a classic silver rim, offering a vintage feel that adventurers and dreamers will cherish.

    Dimensions: Standing at a height of 3.14″ (8 cm) and a diameter of 3.25″ (8.5 cm), it’s the perfect vessel for a hearty campfire chili or your morning brew as you watch the sunrise paint the canyon walls.

    Design: Adorned with a design that pays homage to the Grand Canyon's iconic landscape, this mug brings the awe of steep cliffs and sprawling horizons to your daily rituals.

    Practicality: While it's tough enough to meet the demands of your adventures, its compact size and handy attachment point make it an easy addition to your hiking gear.


    Care: To maintain its beauty, the mug should be hand-washed only and is not intended for microwave or dishwasher use, ensuring that it remains a part of your adventure kit for years to come.


    The Grand Canyon Enamel Mug isn't just a drinking vessel; it's a companion for those dawn patrols, dusky evenings, and every moment of awe in between. It's a call to the wild, a piece of Americana, ready to accompany you on every expedition or to sit quietly by the campfire, brimming with stories yet to be told.

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