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Death Valley Tote Bag
  • Death Valley Tote Bag

    Made of lightweight recycled cotton, these beautiful natural tote bags are perfect for everyday use. Skip the plastic bags at a grocery store, and instead opt for one of our beautiful environmentally friendly reuseable tote bags!

    Tote bags are a cream color, and are topped with two handles.


    Amidst the captivating expanse of Death Valley National Park in the American Southwest, the intricate story of millions of years of geological transformation unfolds. From the salt flats of Badwater Basin to the towering dunes of Mesquite Flat, this arid sanctuary reveals the relentless forces that shaped its unique landscape. Carved by ancient waters and sculpted by wind, its canyons and valleys bear witness to a timeless drama. Amidst extreme temperatures, the tenacious life that perseveres here attests to nature's adaptability. Death Valley stands as a testament to the enduring interplay of geological shifts, climatic changes, and elemental forces, inviting intrepid souls to explore its breathtaking narrative.



    • Length: 14 3/4"
    • Width: 15"
    • Handle Drop Length: 11 1/2"
    • Content: 100% Cotton
    • Care: Hand Wash, Cold Water; Hang Dry.
      $11.99 Regular Price
      $8.99Sale Price
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