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Acadia Enamel Mug
  • Acadia Enamel Mug

    Wrap your hands around the rugged coastlines of Maine with our Acadia Enamel Mug. This durable mug is a testament to the early mornings and ocean mists of Acadia National Park, designed for those who find peace in the pine-scented air and the rhythmic lapping of waves against the craggy shores.


    Material: Made from a sturdy metal that's coated with a layer of enamel and finished with a sublimation coating, this mug withstands the elements just like the iconic Cadillac Mountain withstands the test of time. The white enamel surface, accented by a classic silver rim, calls to mind the park's blend of oceanic blues and forest greens.

    Dimensions: The mug stands at 3.14″ (8 cm) in height and 3.25″ (8.5 cm) in diameter, perfectly proportioned for a generous pour of coffee as the dawn breaks or a hot soup during a cool evening at your campsite.

    Design: It features a design evocative of Acadia's landscape, from the granite peaks to the serene waters of Jordan Pond, inviting you to take a piece of the park with you on all of life's adventures.

    Practicality: It's lightweight and designed to hook easily onto your hiking pack, making it a practical piece for both the trails and the home.

    Care: To keep your memories of Acadia as enduring as the park itself, the mug should be hand-washed only and is not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use.


    Our Acadia Enamel Mug is more than just a mug—it's a companion for those sunrise hikes, those moments of seaside solace, and a daily reminder of the wild, untamed beauty of one of America's most beloved national parks.

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