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Joshua Tree Tote Bag [Wholesale]
  • Joshua Tree Tote Bag [Wholesale]

    Made of lightweight recycled cotton, these beautiful natural tote bags are perfect for everyday use. Skip the plastic bags at a grocery store, and instead opt for one of our beautiful environmentally friendly reuseable tote bags!

    Tote bags are a cream color, and are topped with two handles.


    Joshua Tree is a national park in southeastern California, named after the iconic Joshua trees you will find when you visit.
    First designated as a national park in 1994, Joshua Tree encompasses parts of the Mojave Desert and the lower Colorado Desert.
    Joshua Tree is a unique and wonderful place, filled with ecological wonders such as rugged mountains, gold mining ruins, beautiful sunsets, clear skies and distinct trees. 



    Product Description:

    • Recycled Canvas
    • Standard Size
    • Reinforced at Stress Points
    • 21" Handles


    Made of recycled fabric, material texture and color may vary.



    15"W x 16"H


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