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Horseshoe Bend Tote Bag [Wholesale]
  • Horseshoe Bend Tote Bag [Wholesale]

    Made of lightweight recycled cotton, these beautiful natural tote bags are perfect for everyday use. Skip the plastic bags at a grocery store, and instead opt for one of our beautiful environmentally friendly reuseable tote bags!

    Tote bags are a cream color, and are topped with two handles.


    Although Horseshoe Bend is not a national park, it is a famous overlook in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Around 5 million years ago, the Colorado Plateau uplifted and the meandering rivers that crossed the ancient landscape were trapped in their beds. Over time, the rivers cut through the uplifted layers of sandstone. At Horseshoe Bend, the Colorado River created a roughly 1,000 ft. deep, 270 degree horseshoe-shaped bend in Glen Canyon.




    • Length: 14 3/4"
    • Width: 15"
    • Handle Drop Length: 11 1/2"
    • Content: 100% Cotton
    • Care: Hand Wash, Cold Water; Hang Dry.
      $11.99 Regular Price
      $8.99Sale Price

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