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Grand Canyon Tote Bag [Wholesale]
  • Grand Canyon Tote Bag [Wholesale]

    Made of lightweight recycled cotton, these beautiful natural tote bags are perfect for everyday use. Skip the plastic bags at a grocery store, and instead opt for one of our beautiful environmentally friendly reuseable tote bags!

    Tote bags are a cream color, and are topped with two handles.


    Grand Canyon National Park is a remarkable testament to the forces of nature, shaped over 5 to 6 million years by the mighty Colorado River cutting through the layers of colorful rock, revealing the Earth's geological history. Stretching 277 miles in length and boasting depths of over a mile, the canyon's South Rim offers awe-inspiring vistas and a diverse ecosystem with golden eagles and bighorn sheep. A pilgrimage for visitors worldwide, the park invites adventure, reflection, and a profound connection to the wonders of our planet, leaving an indelible mark on all who experience its grandeur.




    • Length: 14 3/4"
    • Width: 15"
    • Handle Drop Length: 11 1/2"
    • Content: 100% Cotton
    • Care: Hand Wash, Cold Water; Hang Dry.

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